Deep Disclosure 11:1 Update

Greetings Tribe,


It’s been a busy couple of months on the liberation front and we are working relentlessly to complete our mission and launch the new system. We will be releasing a new segment of Deep Disclosure shortly to let everyone know what we’ve been up to. In the meantime you can now purchase the archive from our appearance at The Great Awakening with an in person Deep Disclosure and our Guest Panel appearance by clicking the link provided below. We’ve also updated the Divine Ms. M website with new services and special updates from Ms. M herself. Be sure to check it out as well as The Divine Ms.M Boutique coming soon where you can purchase Ms. M’s divine creations including hand-made Smudge Wands and Ms. M’s new wearable aromatherapy line Divine Mists.

Access to The Great Awakening archive here.


The Next Activation Phase has begun, 11/1 or 111 is the code that means next level beginning!  Each year the march to the Golden Gate begins with 11/1 and reaches the halfway point on 11:11. The culmination of the 11/22 Golden Gate this year is the biggest and most profound shift yet as we come into alignment with the Central Sun! To help everyone get ready we are offering a special on our Activation and Clearing service.  You can get it now before the Golden Gate for $100.00. This will help to prepare you for what is occurring. Visit to request an activation.


The 22nd Activations building up to the Golden Gate have strengthened and infused the crystalline grid around the planet with our intentions for the Golden Age Activation. Thank you to all who have participated and have aligned for the grand awakening!  If you have not been drawn to the 7th Seal Activator yet, many have experienced great shifts and acceleration of their light bodies and a quickening that has aligned them more with their higher path and Selves. This tool opens portals to your multi-dimensional self and empowers all aspects of the greater you.


M has released the next level of the 7th Seal Activator and it is now for sale on ebay.  This level takes the frequency even higher! It is advised that you have this during the 11:11 Activation!




We will be doing an additional Activation for this month on Sunday November 11th at 5:22pm Arizona time. This special event will be Live Streamed and include a sound healing suggested donation for access to the livestream is $22, just visit to register. We will also be doing our regular monthly Activation on 11/22 at 7:22pm as we celebrate the Golden Gate, Ms. M’s Birthday and break bread with our soul family for Thanksgiving.

Sign up here to join us on the live stream activation.


Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to look for our latest segment of Deep Disclosure on the TolecfromDakote channel on youtube.


With Deepest Gratitude,


M and Ms. M

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