7th Seal Summit Event

SEDONA “7th Seal Summit” Workshop  7/28/18



This workshop will be from 9:30AM to 4:30 pm.

It will included several activation techniques and healings by M and Ms M and a few close practitioner friends.

M and Ms M will guide the event, opening up with a 7th Seal Activation that facilitates connecting with your high self. This process entails using the 7th Seal activator (provided) and our orchestration by running energy and working collectively with the grid and points of the sacred chamber that is erected around the event center. This group activation is very powerful, as was seen on  the 5/22 Silver Gate Activation.

The activation facilitates opening the crown chakra and integration into the multidimensional selves.  The process aligns you with your divine blueprint for your highest divine purpose.

The next segment of the intensive will be Mathues presenting never before seen information about the language of light and light codes that St. Germain encoded into the English Language.

There will be a few other practitioners doing healing and meditation practices that activate the Violet Flame within your heart. As well as, light language with activates dormant DNA.

There will be a brief performance by Ms M, which is also activating and clearing.

And finally, the participants will get the opportunity to engage Tolec, Ms M and M in a Q&A panel.

These private settings allow much more to be shared!

This event will kick off the tour that will gather more people to be a part of our extended core group.

Theses activation intensives also build an etheric temple that is plugged into the crystalline grid around the planet. The more people that participate with the activations via the 7th Seal, the more the divine consciousness is raised upon the planet.

The Golden Gate of Ascension is strengthened by each of our awakening into our sovereign divinity.

Meet M and Ms M and become a part of the Global Transformation Movement!

“When these two (Thought & Emotion) become one, then you will say to the mountain move and it shall move!” ~ Gnostic Scriptures


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