Meta1coin: Art backed crypto currency

As previously mentioned on Deep Disclosure crypto-currencies are a major focus for the role they play in humanities financial freedom. We are proud to announce our strategic partnership with Meta1Coin the first asset backed coin of its kind. Meta1 is truly revolutionary in that its value is attached to a collection of Fine Art, when you purchase this coin you are both investing in your financial future and preserving some of humanities most precious history. The beauty of backing this coin with Fine Art has many layers, one being the exceptional returns on investment out performing any other investment in the last 100 years. Gold for instance has seen a 12% increase in the past 2 years while some Fine Art Pieces have had more than 100% increase in their value. For the first time in history Fine Art is being returned to the people to be enjoyed and preserved. Meta1 gives you the unique opportunity to own part of rare and exquisite works from Dali, Van Gogh, Pollack, Picasso and more. Help us build a bridge to the new world while taking your first steps down the path of financial liberation.

Meta1 is currently conducting Private Presales of its coin to purchase click the link below.

Sign up for Meta1coin pre-sale >

Dali self portrait.


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